Priest of the Lost Church – Ten

Chapter 10 – Drawing ever closer

The Demon of Saroom Bararm realise that he had made a mistake. He had waited at the café for nearly a day and finally realised what happened. His beloved angel was a very shy person and he had wanted to take her to the middle of a town. He knew his vanity, wanting to show off, had caused her to feel embarrassed and worried. He could kick himself for his insensitivity. It was the kind of mistake he couldn’t afford to make if he wanted to set a good example for their child. Ideally he would want their daughter to grow up to be as caring as her mother but maybe not as shy. As he lay down in the sun he caught the heavy scent of blood on the wind. He could tell that it was a battle; the volume in the air was too strong for any one person.

It occurred to him that it was a good way to find her again. His peace loving angel would be drawn to the battle; hoping to end it and save as many lives as possible with her divine healing. Then that’s what he would do. He would end the battle, demonstrating his power and commitment to her. In one of him more coherent moments, as he walked towards the smell, he realise the meaning behind the name Lost Church Online; his beloved angel must be a messenger for a forgotten god and the real goal was to help her restore it. It had to be so; it was the kind of noble goal she would strive for.

Mari had worked out a way to turn ‘Healing Magic’ into a weapon. Most forms of magic were automatically repelled when used inside a body, one of her biggest problems with blood magic, but ‘Healing Magic’ seemed to be an exception. Even more surprising was that her combat healing was a hidden Minor Stat called ‘Cancer Magic Use Lv.1’.  It was a combination between blood or bone magic and improved healing. The spell was ninety-nine percent healing magic. Anymore and the spell got rejected. It worked by creating a slight change in a single blood cell, then rapidly healing it to multiply that cell. The result was that several years’ worth of blood cancer, Leukemia, would form in a couple of seconds, overwhelming and weakening the body of the target. The target might not die instantly from it like a direct attack, but it weakened considerable creating opportunities for her allies.

When the army struck them, the healer Marigold displayed some strange magic that came as quite a shock to Sweet. At first she thought she was betraying the group and healing the enemy; but anyone cast it on almost immediately weakened. Some of them started coughing blood, others broke out in rashes and swelled around the neck and all affected were short of breath. Sweet couldn’t remember seeing such an effective debuff magic, and what she saw wasn’t something easily forgotten. The soldiers would attempt to attack them, being funnelled towards Sweet by Choon’s blizzard, where they would be halted by her armour and shield skills. While held in place, Marigold would weaken them and heal her, allowing Rabbit and Sweet to easily deal damage. Rabbit controlled the numbers, and limited enemy movements, using her digging; creating tunnels and pitfalls like landmines. The soldiers were taken completely by surprise when the fast moving child would suddenly jump from the ground and attack at vitals.

After an hour of combat, nearly two hundred bodies covered the frozen red/brown open field. The four players lay nearby on one of the rare clean patches. They each were tired and didn’t want to get up. The only force that eventually got them to move was the revolting smell the body pile created. Dragging their tired bodies up, they moved in the direction of the keep, looking for a comfortable place to stay the night. Choon was worried that if armies were attacking in the field, the keep might also be under attack. Mari was going with them, hoping that the keep was under attack, in order to learn who commanded the army. As she walked Mari tried to think of way to use her ‘Cancer Magic’ to induce as much pain as possible. The commander who gave the order that hurt Rabbit would feel the brunt of her creativity.

The commander was worried that he hadn’t heard from the force he sent out. As the morning began, he had the camp pack up in a hurry. His soldiers should have returned well before midnight but by morning there was still no word. When his remaining forces were ready he set out to find his men. He knew he should have sent word to his lord, but it would be to his shame to report such a failure. He would report in after he had results. It might be the wrong move strategically, but his lord was a kind man, one who would worry and divert forces from the keep’s defence if he thought there was even the slightest need.

The Demon arrived at a strange site sometime during the morning. It was a large pile of bodies. Looking around he couldn’t see his angel so he knew they were all dead; were his angel to see such a sight she would have left in tears as she tried to find any survivors to help. He noticed that the bodies seemed to be ripe with some kind of illness. Shivering with thoughts that it might be contagious, he set to work burning the bodies. He laughed to himself that were his love to come across this scene they might mistakenly believe he had been responsible for killing these men.

The army found themselves staring at a scene that could only be described as hellish. Surrounded by the bodies of their friends was a demon that was burning the bodies; laughing with the bodies alight with green fire. The creature was enjoying itself so much that it hadn’t noticed the three hundred men arrive.

Status Window: Marigold Snapdragon Lv.24

Major Stats

Available (0)

Charisma (9)

Dexterity (12)

Mind (20)

Strength (8)


Minor Stats

Animal Ally (Wolf) Lv. 8

Animal Ally (Rabbit) Lv.12

Animal Control Lv.25

Animal Empathy Use Lv.15

Avoidance Use Lv.1

Backstab Lv.8

Blood Magic Use Lv.32

Bludgeoning Lv.6

Bone Magic Use Lv.16

Cancer Magic Use Lv.18

Cooking Lv.8

Dodge Lv.18

Dual Cast Use Lv.24

Deception Lv.6

Demon Staff Use Lv.6

Foraging Lv.17

Healing Magic Use Lv.27

Hiding Lv.12

Hybrid Making Lv.14

Identify Staff Use Lv.1

Observe Lv.11

Parenting Lv.16

Rune Carving Use Lv. 8

Running Lv.16

Shield Other Lv.2

Silent Movement Lv.10

Staff Creation Use Lv.14

Staff Element Absorption Use Lv.20

Voodoo Staff Use Lv.18



Available (0)

Healing Magic

Staff Creation

Staff Element Absorption

Blood magic

Dual Cast

Animal Empathy

Improved Voodoo Damage

Rune Carving

Bone Magic

Improved Staff Creation

Improved Hybrid Making

Improved Healing Magic

Improved Blood Magic

Improved Demon Damage

Improved Cooking

Blood Magic Focus (Reduce Cost)

Healing Magic Focus (Reduce Cost)

Demon Staff Focus (Reduce Cost)

Identify Staff

Parenting Focus (Experience Bonus)

Improved Avoidance

Cancer Magic

Improved Cancer Magic

Parenting Focus (Health Bonus)


Doeskin Dress (Damaged)

Forest Coloured Robe (Damaged)

Mage’s Comfortable Shoes

Leather Pouch Belt

Hybrid Maker’s Demon Staff – Necrotic wave

Military Pack – Dol Geom

1x Stone Jar (Blood)

1x Waxed Wood Jar (Blood)

4x Broken Jar

Black Steel Knife


Status Window: Rabbit Lv.18

Major Stats

Available (0)

Charisma (12)

Dexterity (16)

Mind (6)

Strength (7)


Minor Stats

Aura of Attraction Lv.3

Aura of Relaxation Lv.1

Backstab Lv.18

Bow Use Lv.1

Arrow Recovery Lv.2

Call Animal Companion Lv.4

Damage Vital Use Lv.14

Digging Lv.19

Dodge Lv.22

Foraging Lv.12

Healing Magic Use Lv.2

Hiding Lv.15

Hybrid Creature Lv.18

Jumping Lv.10

Language Acquisition Use Lv.9

Light Armour Use (Metal) Lv.8

Observe Lv.8

Piercing Lv.3

Running Lv.23

Shortsword Use Lv.22

Silent Movement Lv.12

Slashing Lv. 19

Spot Vital Lv. 12

Throw Knife Use Lv. 9

Trap Avoidance Lv. 3

Wind Magic Use Lv.2

Skills (Traits)

Available (0)

Hybrid Creature (Rabbit/Human)

Easily Scared


Wind Magic

Healing Magic

Heavy Armour Proficiency

Shield Proficiency (General)


Rapid Digging

Power Jump

Child Bonus (Experience Bonus)

Child Bonus (Health Bonus)


Shortsword Proficiency

Improved Backstab

Improved Shortsword Damage

Throw Knife

Rapid Language Acquisition

Improved Speed

Light Armour Proficiency (metal)

Improved Throw knife

Improved Shortsword Durability

Aura of Attraction

Spot Vital

Damage Vital

Improved Damage Vital

Improved Hide

Bow Proficiency

Improved Bow Damage

Recover Arrows

Aura of Relaxation


Beginners Dress

Black Steel Plate

Steel Braced Leather Boots

Leather Belt

Military Pack – Dol Geom

Black Steel knife

Black Steel Shortsword

Military Bow – Dol Beom

11x Black Steel Arrow



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