Priest of the Lost Church – Six

Chapter 6 – Hybrid Maker’s Demon Staff

At level fourteen there wasn’t anything in the forest that could harm Marigold. That was, aside from her own creations. Although not every hybrid monster was stronger than its parts, and the survival rate was very low, the successes made up for the failures. She found that there were conditions that maximised success. The blood had to be fresh, from a living subject if possible, and the more that was blended the better the result. Mixing multiple species was possible but the success rate was lower and they had to be blended at the same time. If the power difference between the creatures was too great then it was very unlikely to work. From her discoveries she learnt that her first creation was very lucky to have worked.

Her wolves were hybridised with a porcupine like creatures with knife like spines, that she had taken to calling ‘Blade-bushes’.  They weren’t the strongest creatures but they were easy to catch and the extra spikes complimented the wolves very well. She only changed half her wolves; fearing repetitive failures would turn the creatures against her. Losing the wolves wouldn’t be the biggest problem for her, but it would make it harder to find places to sleep safely.

When she became proficient enough with blood magic to use ‘Blood Spear’ without the use of the Voodoo Staff, Mari knew it was time to upgrade. One of the skills she acquired was ‘Rune Carving’ and she used it with ‘Improved Staff Making’ to make her new weapon. Her first step was to make a hybrid between a human mage and a stony turtle. It didn’t matter if the creature survived, which it didn’t, since her goal was to harvest its skull. She fused the spine of the hybrid into a straight rod by applying the ‘Bone Magic’ skill that she unlocked when ‘Blood Magic’ reached level fifteen. The top most sections of the spine were sealed over the brown gems she acquired on her first day. For the finishing touches, she etched runes to the skull and fused it into place. The end result was smaller than her voodoo staff, closer to being a sceptre or a rod. The Text that floated above the horror inducing weapon read, ‘Hybrid Maker’s Demon Staff – Necrotic wave’.  From the skill list she knew that Demon staffs were improved versions of Voodoo staffs. It was a pleasant feeling to see it, the fruit of half a day’s work and mana production.

She cast ‘Necrotic Wave’ and was shocked to see a half of her health drain. It was a crazy cost. At her level, ‘Blood Spear’ could be used twenty times easily. The effects of the staff appeared to warrant the cost however. ‘Necrotic Wave’ sent out a cone of black light that caused the life to drain from everything in eight meters in front of her. The grass and trees turned black and shrivelled and a rabbit, that saw caught in the path, turned to dust. The power was amazing but if it missed she wouldn’t get a second try. It was also annoying that it didn’t differentiate; her wolves would likely die just as easily as the rabbit.

When she thought about what happened to the rabbit, she noticed that there was a baby rabbit not far from her, looking for its parent. She felt bad for the creature; she hadn’t meant to kill its caretaker. She scooped the small animal up and placed it in the hood of her robe.

Later that day she noticed a group of ghosts walking through her forest. It seemed to her that a lot of them had moved on to other places and she had fewer opportunities to hunt them. The group seemed to mostly use bows and spears. The six of them noticed her before she attacked, using some kind of hunting skill to foil her surprise. She was hit in the leg by an arrow and was forced behind a tree. From behind cover she let out a barrage of ‘Blood Spears’. She aimed low, planning to incapacitate and maim. The attack wasn’t very effective and her wolves paid the price. The experienced hunters targeted the wolves with concentrated attacks.

Her non-hybrid wolves went down quickly, with no defence other than avoidance. The spiny wolves’ hard spikes split the arrows; ensuring only shots to the head had impact. The difference in target size was enough that the distance could be closed. The hunters were overrun, but not without taking out all of the normal wolves.

Hate filled Mari. The filthy, ugly ghosts, that prevented her to go home, killed her precious wolves. “How much do they want to take from me?” She wondered to herself. “If they want to hunt wolves then let them live as wolves.”

She set to work with ‘Hybrid Making’. The six men and twelve wolves divided up evenly, two wolves a person. She had seen that creatures with wolf blood were driven mad with hunger. That would be the fate of those that survived and a smile spread across her face as she thought about it. One by one she completed the hybrids. Four seemed to take the process well, one died screaming with pain and one was malformed and left there unable to die despite its wish. Mari left it there with its new wolf brethren as she saw the dawn approach.



Status Window: Marigold Snapdragon Lv.14

Major Stats

Available (0)

Charisma (9)

Dexterity (11)

Mind (16)

Strength (8)


Minor Stats

Animal Ally (Wolf) Lv. 4

Animal Control Lv.16

Animal Empathy Use Lv.5

Backstab Lv.7

Blood Magic Use Lv.16

Bludgeoning Lv.2

Bone Magic Use Lv. 4

Cooking Lv.3

Dodge Lv.8

Dual Cast Use Lv.12

Deception Lv.5

Demon Staff Use Lv.2

Foraging Lv.10

Healing Magic Use Lv.14

Hiding Lv.8

Hybrid Making Lv.12

Observe Lv.9

Rune Carving Use Lv. 2

Running Lv.8

Silent Movement Lv.7

Staff Creation Use Lv.13

Staff Element Absorption Use Lv.16

Voodoo Staff Use Lv.18



Available (0)

Healing Magic

Staff Creation

Staff Element Absorption

Blood magic

Dual Cast

Animal Empathy

Improved Voodoo Damage

Rune Carving

Bone Magic

Improved Staff Creation

Improved Hybrid Making

Improved Healing Magic

Improved Blood Magic

Improved Demon Damage



Doeskin Dress

Forest Coloured Robe

Mage’s Comfortable Shoes

Leather Pouch Belt

Hybrid Maker’s Demon Staff – Necrotic wave

Small Bag – Deer Pelt

4x Stone Jar (Blood)

2x Waxed Wood Jar (Blood)

Dull Iron Knife



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