Priest of the Lost Church – Seven

Chapter 7 – Marigold and Rabbit

Mari would have been caught if she had even the slightest bit less self-control. Seeing the knights and werewolves fight each other was simply too funny. She held her laughter in as the first lancer was killed; the wolf-man and knight died against each other and it looked to her that they were kissing. She ran some distance away before letting her laughter out, not wanting to draw the attention of the tall knight fighting three werewolves. Unfortunately, the second lancer heard her and came to investigate. He looked at her with eyes dripping with hate and venom. He spoke, with a voice that embodied anger itself, in a language she couldn’t understand.

The fact the ghost dared to be anger at her killed her enjoyment. She had been happier than she’d been in a long while and then the stupid thing ruined it. She answered hate with hate. She fired three ‘Blood Lances’ in quick succession. The surprise attack left no opportunity to avoid. The first shot broke through his shield, the second his armour, the third his chest. The third bloody projectile didn’t have enough force to pierce the armour on the lancers back and was redirected upward inside his body.

Unaware that the rebound had happened, Mari was surprised to find how weak the ghost was. She had fought creatures that required four ‘Blood Lances’ to kill. Shrugging to herself, she placed the sleeping woman onto the largest spike-wolf to carry. She had an experiment she wanted to try and made her way back to the makeshift lab she set up in a nearby cave.

The lab was more like a storeroom.  The entrance was a door that could only be opened by ‘Bone Magic’, that moved eerily out of the way when she passed. Inside was a maze of cages’ filled with creatures found in the forest. She moved the sleeping knight onto the stone slab that acted as her work space. The slab was a simple flat rock, that she had engraved runes into to improve the chances that hybrid making would work. Up against the back wall of the cave were a couple failed attempts, covered in broken etchings and ineffective runes. She had tried many times to mix monsters with monsters and humans with monsters; but never successfully mixing monsters with humans.

Carefully Mari carved runes into the knight’s flesh, using an anaesthetic herb to ensure she didn’t wake, and collected the blood that flowed out. She preserved the blood with healing magic as she carefully carved runes into the rabbit that had been traveling in her hood. She moved blood from rune to matching rune, from human to rabbit. It was difficult; a human simply had too much blood for the kitten to hold. She made the decision to try something she hadn’t tried before and moved bone mass along with the blood; expanding the body to accommodate more blood. It was looking like it was going to fail but Mari didn’t want to sacrifice the young rabbit. Her considerable mana pool was draining and she shut her eyes tight to focus on expanding her power as efficiently as possible.

With her energy completely drained and head empty, Mari looked at the slab, scared to see the poor rabbit dead. The bunny wasn’t dead however. Lying on the table was a young girl with mousey brown hair and a fluffy white tail. The girl looked like a tall eight year old, or a short fourteen year old, with clearly western features. Above her head hovered the text, ‘Name?’ Unlike her other hybrids she had to name this one. Unable to think of something good, Mari just went with ‘Rabbit’. Shortly after being named, Rabbit woke up and looked around with a concerned face. When she spotted Marigold she broke out in a radiant sunny smile and hugged her wordlessly, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

After prying Rabbit from her and preparing something for the pair to eat, Mari equipped her in some simple gear she had laying around the cave. Under the ‘Status’ icon in her vision was another, smaller icon, shaped like a curled up bunny and with three coloured bars next to it. Rabbit seemed to think of her as a parent and she was able to see Rabbits ‘Status Window’. As Mari looked over the window she wondered if Rabbit could do the same for her. Not that Rabbit could tell her if she could; rabbit spoke only with the adorable sounds of her smaller brethren.

Trying to use ‘Animal Empathy’ on Rabbit proved successful, but “Mother” was all she seemed to have to say. Not that Mari minded. Having company other than her dogs was a nice change even if she didn’t have much to say. Oddly enough, Mari had unlocked the Minor Stat ‘Parenting Lv1’. She considered possible uses for that stat as she moved the sack of boneless skin, which used to be a knight, to the ground for the wolves to eat. Curiously even the wolves found the bloodless, boneless, skin-sack to be unappetising; disposing of it outside as they went to hunt.


Status Window: Rabbit Lv.1




Major Stats



Available (0)




Charisma (12)

Dexterity (14)

Mind (6)

Strength (6)



Minor Stats



Call Animal Companion Lv.1

Digging Lv.10

Dodge Lv.10

Foraging Lv.10

Healing Magic Use Lv.1

Hiding Lv.10

Hybrid Creature Lv.1

Jumping Lv.10

Observe Lv.1

Running Lv.10

Silent Movement Lv.1

Trap Avoidance Lv. 1

Wind Magic Use Lv.1



Skills (Traits)



Available (0)




Hybrid Creature (Rabbit/Human)

Easily Scared


Wind Magic

Healing Magic

Heavy Armour Proficiency

Shield Proficiency (General)


Rapid Digging

Power Jump






Beginners Dress

Iron Chest Plate

Beginners Shoes

Beginners Belt

Small Bag – Patchwork Rat Pelt

Flint knife

Dull Iron Shortsword




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