Priest of the Lost Church – Nine

Chapter 9 – The Army of Dol Geom

The Survivors, that followed Yorah Gami, were led to Fort Dol Geom. Five meter tall stone walls greeted them as they climbed the steep grassy hill on which it resided. In the field beside the fort was a small army of five hundred men. Each man was well equipped, with armour, sword and bow. They seemed to be headed in the opposite direction to the survivors, towards Saroon Bararm.

The lord of the keep hated and feared the Survivors. They grew far too quickly and could do things that normal people couldn’t. When his army first captured Yorah, he was going to have him and his men executed. Yorah, however, saved himself by suggesting a deal. He told the lord of the keep about the challenge; that he could return to his home when the rest were dead; that he would serve the lord if he too sought their destruction.

The Survivors that entered Dol Geom were herded down the main street towards the Lords castle. When they stood outside they were attacked; slaughtered from behind by knights and from above by archers. When only a handful of people were left they were forced into the fort’s dungeon.

As the Army of Dol Geom marched to Saroon Bararm they received word that the town had been wiped out by the Demon that lived in the forest. They had been dispatched to kill the beast anyway so the only thing the news changed was that they no longer had to worry about getting the villagers involved. Taking their time, they moved at a comfortable pace, killing any Survivors they came across.

Just prior to nightfall, scouts reported heavy resistance from four survivors that were traveling through the plains. The commander immediately sent out his best fighters leaving behind three hundred units to prepare for the evening. He was worried that two hundred might not be enough, he had heard of a group of Survivors that destroyed an entire city. He didn’t entirely believe the stories but he knew his lord did. The commander knew, also, that his lord was not a fool who would believe the stories without reason. From what he had seen so far, however, it seemed unlikely. The Survivors they had fought so far were without a doubt strong; but none the less died when cut.

‘Choon Hoar Lv.18’ and ‘Bittersweet Camellia Lv. 19’ were surprised to meet new players. They were sure they had at least seen everyone that passed through the village and the players would have stood out there. ‘Marigold Snapdragon Lv.20’ and ‘Rabbit Lv.12’ were clearly not Korean and neither seemed to speak the language. The child called rabbit didn’t seem to even speak. From facial features the pair was clearly related. Both Choon and Sweet knew a little bit of English; enough to pass basic language classes but not enough to hold a conversation. The one called Marigold was clearly tense, she didn’t like being around them but was willing to stay until the attacking army was dead.

Mari and Rabbit had just finished preparing an early dinner when an arrow came out of nowhere and hit Rabbit. A group of ten heavily armed soldiers struck them and was running in to finish them. With Rabbit hurt she had to take the knights on by herself and none of them could be considered weak. She halted their initial charge with a pair of ‘Necrotic waves’.  Four of the attackers were hit by the waves and rotted into dust on the wind. The others moved clear of the slow moving wave; leaving her with six knights to fight with a little over half her life.

The soldiers weren’t blind; they could see that the wave attack had a limited range. They quickly moved back and drew bows. Mari would have loved to have been able to run but with Rabbit down they wouldn’t be able to get away. Seeing that arrows were aimed for Rabbit she lifted the child and tried to avoid with all her ability. Although Mari was reasonably fast and experienced with avoiding arrows, doing so with a child in her arms proved a different matter. With multiple arrows protruding from her back, Mari didn’t have the stamina to move any more. She held still, focusing on healing herself and Rabbit.

Rabbit was awoken by the comforting feeling of her mother’s warm magic. Her mother was holding her tightly and bleeding from wounds in her back. Shocked and scared Rabbit tried to struggle free and fight. Her mother’s eyes, however, were telling her something else. It was clear that she was being told to run but the frightened Rabbit didn’t want to leave her. As they huddled there in a cocoon of warm magic, the bad men were suddenly struck by a wall of fast moving metal. A figure, that was for some unknown reason familiar to her, entered the fray and attacked the bad men with shield and mace.

With focus shifted away from her, Mari was free to finish healing. She would normally hate ghosts on instinct but these ones were helping her protect Rabbit. Her hate for the knights that attacked her child greatly outweighed her hate for the ghosts. She recognised the pair that was helping her; it was the Knight that had killed the werewolves and the mage that she thought had been killed by the salamander. The knight struck madly at the soldiers, focusing entirely on attack, relying on her armour to protect her. She was slowly becoming a bloody mess with small cuts and bolts covering her body. The mage seemed unable to use healing magic as she instead focused on ending the fight as fast as possible. Blizzard magic was a combination of ‘Wind Magic’ and ‘Ice Magic’. The combination leads to a wide area of effect with the ability to target who was attacked. The spell that was cast, ‘Endless Hail’, required a large amount of mana when initially cast but could be maintained with very little expense.  

Choon’s magic, unlike Mari’s, was very well suited to working in groups. Knowing that her attacks would more likely hurt friend then foe, Mari took up a support role. Her ‘Improved Healing Magic’ was able to quickly restore the damage that the soldiers dealt. While busy dealing with the rampaging iron knight and freezing cold magic, they failed to notice the child dash behind them. To balance out her lack of strength Rabbit would strike at the vitals from behind then duck away.

The fight was over moments after Choon and Sweet joined in. Each tried to make greetings but it was clear there was a language barrier. With some difficulties they eventually managed to exchange names and confirm that what they fought were just scouts. They made plans to be prepared for the rest of the attack and shared the dinner Mari made. From Sweet’s perspective it was some of the best luck she’d had in awhile; coming across a powerful healer who was willing to sacrifice herself to protect others. She found herself admiring that; it sat very well with her ideal as a knight. Choon on the other hand was curious about the design of Mari’s staff. The healers she had seen had used staves shaped like crooks or religious symbols; the almost alien-like skull and spine staff fit the image of a necromancer better. She was also found it very uncomfortable that they had never met before. Wondering where she could have been hiding filled her mind as the distant sound of horses entered her ears.


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