Priest of the Lost Church – Four

Chapter 4 – The Always Answering Prayers

Beauty had, by the second day, earned enough money to rent a small workspace and set up shop. She spent her initial points evenly and for her first skill got ‘Bartering’; a skill that allowed her to sell and trade items with NPCs for more money. When a player without the skill tried to sell an animal hide they would be offered a single iron coin for it. The skill Beauty had acquired allowed the price to vary depending on what it was. Because most players didn’t want to use one of their valuable stating skills on, anyone that wanted to make money had to use her, or one of the other intermediaries, to sell things for them. Naturally she took a cut of their profits. Negotiating business deals gave her experience. It wasn’t much experience but multiplied by the number of transactions the amount slowly added up. She knew the boom wouldn’t last, as more and more people got the skill for themselves, so she started to make a career change. Her level 2 skill was ‘Armour Crafting’ and level 3 ‘Mineral Refinement’. At level 4 she got ‘Smithy Operations’ and started to collect minerals from players as payment for sales. By nightfall of the first day, Beauty made a name for herself as an armorsmith by making the stone plate that the hero Hawk wore.

Until late at night she made simple armours, charging ridiculous prices but letting people pay with resources. The convenience of her payment system beat the NPC shops that required copper or even silver coins for even the simplest equipment. Taking a brief rest, she woke up early and borrowed the smithy. She converted the previous day’s earnings into the first metal armours to be made by a player. Players who noticed the equipment were shocked when she swiftly sold all she made and rented a small workshop. At level 5 she took the skill ‘Mineral Locating’ having spent the afternoon on the second day levelling the Minor Stat ‘Mining’ to level 6. The Skill allowed her to spend more time in the workshop and less in a mine. People assumed that if a player could work with metal they’d sell equipment at prices players could afford. Anyone who thought Beauty would do that was entirely mistaken. If no-one could pay she’d just sell to an NPC.

As a full support player Beauty didn’t notice that the creatures got stronger. The lazy goddess was enjoying herself working as a smith.


Status Window: Beauty Lv.7

Major Stats

Available (0)

Charisma (10)

Dexterity (10)

Mind (10)

Strength (10)


Minor Stats

Armour Crafting Use Lv.8

Bartering Use Lv.10

Combat Avoidance Lv.2

Foraging Lv.8

Mining Lv.8

Mineral Locating Use Lv.4

Mineral Refinement Use Lv.12

Observe Lv.1

Running Lv.1

Smithy Operations Use Lv.8

Sword Crafting Use Lv.1


Available (0)


Armour Crafting

Mineral Refinement

Smithy Operations

Mineral Locating

Sword Crafting


Smith Outfit

Working Boots

Tool Belt

Iron Pick

Large Bag – treated Leather

Iron Knife

Coins: 12i, 18c, 5s, 0g

Workshop Rental Agreement



The spell Marigold cast was a condensed Blood control spell. She moved the blue blood of the salamander into the body of the fighter, using healing magic to filter and clean it mid-air. More than anything, she was curious about what would happen. She continued to move the blood, now inside the body of the ghost, and slowly blended it with the existing blood and magic. If he were to wake up his body would reject her spell and her experiment would end. Once the creature was drained of blood and the fighter’s blood had been melded, Mari used the last of her mana to seal up the wound. As she finished, the fighter began to wake up. Not wanting herself to be seen she quickly left the clearing.

Hawk awoke to find himself being healed by an angel. Her soft golden hair shimmered in the light and fluttered in the wind. His body felt unbelievably warm as her gentle magic healed him. His mind began to clear and he saw no trace of his divine saviour. He tried to stand and his burnt skin screamed out with every movement. The heat on his skin was unbearable and it almost seemed to come from within. Edging towards the body of the lizard, he was worried. He couldn’t see Choon Hoar anywhere. Franticly looking around he found her. She was up against a rock with the tip of the creature’s longest horn through her forehead. A thin trickle of blood dripped down her face. Saying a quick prayer for his partner, Hawk began his slow walk to town.

As he walked, he began to think. “If that angel hadn’t saved me, I would have died, just like Choon. After all the people she saved no one was there to save her.” A wave a hot pain flared up, cooking him from within. “This pain is unbearable, and the people we saved aren’t going to help me.” He broke out into hysteric laughter, completely unaware that his skin had turned a blue/black colour. His shoes had melted some distance prior and he now burnt a trail in the ground as he walked. “Why do I even help them?” He found himself wondering, “They’re just going to try and kill me. They all want to live again. They all want to see their families. Screw them; I want to see my family.” Now some distance had been covered and his pace had increased dramatically. Burns no longer covered his skin. Instead, Hawk’s skin was covered with a pattern of yellow and black scales. He didn’t notice the pain stop; he was so deep in unsettling thoughts. “I’ll just kill them.” The idea came to mind. “If they die then I won’t have to save them. I’ll get to go home if they die. Everyone wins if I kill them.”

By the time He reached the village he was nothing like the blond haired hero that departed that morning. The black and yellow scaled creature that was seen from the outskirts of the village started a panic amongst all those who saw it. The indication that he was a player, his name floating above his head, no longer appeared. His name was replaced with ‘??? Lv.12’. The players who noticed this assumed it was shown because it was a boss monster. Standing upright and wearing stone armour the creature killed anyone that came near it with its sword made entirely of green flame and two sharp horns.

Several of the best fighters and mages died before the creature could be repelled. Swords were useless against its body and few mages could match its speed. Eventually it was bludgeoned enough to rethink its attack and returned to the forest. The few survivors that doubted the demon rumours now had all too evident proof. Massagers who went to fetch the heroes found only Choon Hoar, unconscious and badly injured. From the blood in the area and the size of the Lizard, it was assumed that hawks body had been eaten.

Marigold was surprised when she unlocked the Minor Stat ‘Hybrid Making Lv.1’. Having unlocked it new Skills related to ‘Hybrid Making’ appeared on the skill list. As she watched from the shadows and saw the destruction she knew that she had to make more. That night she reached level 8 and her wolves took on more hideous forms.


Status Window: Marigold Snapdragon Lv.8

Major Stats

Available (0)

Charisma (9)

Dexterity (10)

Mind (14)

Strength (8)


Minor Stats

Animal Control Lv.10

Animal Empathy Use Lv.2

Backstab Lv.5

Blood Magic Use Lv.9

Bludgeoning Lv.1

Dodge Lv.6

Dual Cast Use Lv.4

Deception Lv.4

Foraging Lv.6

Healing Magic Use Lv.6

Hiding Lv.4

Hybrid Making Lv.3

Observe Lv.5

Running Lv.5

Silent Movement Lv.4

Staff Creation Use Lv.6

Staff Element Absorption Use Lv.8

Voodoo Staff Use Lv.10


Available (0)

Healing Magic

Staff Creation

Staff Element Absorption

Blood magic

Dual Cast

Animal Empathy

Improved Voodoo Damage



Beginners Dress

Beginners Shoes

Beginners Belt

Voodoo Staff – Blood Spear

Small Bag – Deer Pelt

3x Stone Jar (Blood)

2x Waxed Wood Jar (Blood)

Flint Knife


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