A Calm Back and Forth

A large part of this chapter is based on the difference between a Kanji used as a name and spelling it out in Katakana. Understandably, it loses a lot of meaning in translation.


We art a diaper. Though without a name
Well, putting jokes aside.
Err, hum.
I, overdid it. I got too swept up in the moment.
Because every time Satchan leaked I activated the skills, Mama looks really puzzled.

Is it several tens of times everyday that the diaper gets polluted, is it not a small amount either?

There isn’t even a smell? Instead it’s changed to a sweet fragrance, that stench is?

The deodorisation skill allows an optional smell to be chosen; with lavender and jasmine or something like curry there, I accidentally chose the curry smell. Hahha.
Satchan, she seemed to smell the spicy aroma of curry and found it appetising.

…oops, I got off topic.
For that reason.
Mama gave a questioning gaze, fixed staring at me.
Iyaan, I’m embarrassed. Don’t stare so much-.
But, that stupid situation didn’t happen.
It seemed, Mama, she seemed to notice that I’m out of the ordinary.
In the beginning, she though Satchan was constipated, then a illness like thing was suspected, but every diaper but me usually got dirty.
It was the result of Dirt Proof’s level rising, only I, no matter how much time passes, remained a pure white clean diaper, so she began to harbour suspicions.
Oufu, silent staring is painful.
My heart throbs from thinking about how I could be thrown away, for being spooky.

But, it was a beautiful girl staring, that made me a little happy.
Ufufu, the feeling of hot eyes-. I’m shivering
It was a little Hentai-san, even if I say so myself
However, since the Shining Genji Plan wasn’t even midway through, it would be troubling if I was thrown away into a chest of draws.
Please, Mama, don’t throw me away!
I was sending a sense of desperation, but unfortunately Mama wasn’t able to notice the voice of my heart.
“…It couldn’t be, that this diaper is from the legend of Pantarou? That can’t be the case.”
Mama, in one breath, said some significant dialogue.
Pantarou, was it?
Was that a friend of Pantaloons? It sounds like the French call pants, right?
Nah, is it some kind of fashionable thing?
Something like a magic arrow soaring about?
That’s good. That’s good-.
What kind of atmosphere, was that the feeling of a magic item?
I, this cloth. Was I, in fact, like an angel’s celestial robe? Was that how magic items were used!?

≪Name has been changed≫
≪None → Pantaro≫

Eh, wait, System Message-chan, Sysko-chan for short, although where that kid comes from is a mystery, its different, that.
{Sisko, Sysko, Cisco; let me know which you prefer}
Mama, She obviously pronounced it with a katakana like thing, right?
Pan (↑)Tarou(↓), that kind of feeling?
{パン (↑)タロゥ (↓)}
Pan (→)Taro (→), that kind of feeling.
{ ぱん (→)太郎}
Generally, for Western like races, something like Taro wouldn’t be said. It’s a Japanese-like way of speaking.
Sisko-Chan, aren’t misunderstandings regrettable?
Wouldn’t it look cooler to write Pantarou in katakana.

≪The application was rejected≫

No-! Sysko-chan’s mean
Nope, bad, huh?
…Pantaro right, as in Panty Taro?
When you think about it, isn’t it fine? Doesn’t it unexpectedly not seem bad?
“Panta-, rou-?”
Ah, Satchan!
Nununu, no way, Mama, just before, my name was called out!
So happy!
So cute, Satchan.
“Are are, Satchan, this diaper is your favourite as always.”
With a bit of a wry smile Mama, seemed to decide not to think too deeply, and I was immediately equipped onto Satchan.
Mahaha, we clique as Satchan fells all Melo Melo over how breathable and comfortable I am!
{ ぬはは、ばつぎゅんの通気性と穿き心地でさっちゃんもメロメロだね}
Yeah yeah, mess removal and deodorisation.
As expected, Dirt Proof and Waterproof had nearly gone up a level, heading for counter stop; at least it’s getting better.
Opportunities do hear Sysko-chan’s cute, dreamy voice were decreasing, how lonely.
No, that doesn’t mean that I’ll be without conversation, Sysko-chan responds to what I say here.
The sound of your voice, I want to hear it!
By the way, Sysko-chan, does an option to make you lovestruck exist?


Ah, silence is it? You were completely free just before this, isn’t that right? Where are you when you’re not here?
…or, huh, things were added to the list.
System Option: Lovestruck, is it? Just as I said. But, 1,000,000PP is needed, you completely don’t want to be lovestruck.
No wait, each month is 10~20 thousand, so I wouldn’t have to save for a decade.
Compared to 10 million or 100 million, they’re unexpected and practical numbers right
No, in the first place an option like that for displaying a little occasional lovestruck-ness?
{ いや、そもそもこういうオプションを表示した時点でちょっとデレてね}
I’m not so cheap-, or so I say, but its a price that’s set so that it seems like you’ll be able to buy it if you do your best, is it an unexpected hope ringing?
Hahha-! Surprisingly, I’m cool?


Tte, nooo! Don’t delete it from the list! My hope-!
Sysko-chan, fuun, I didn’t particularly like you anyway! -is my ambition to have you say!.
I’m really sorry, I won’t say it so please permit that option.
Oh, oh, oh, it revived.
That you, thank you~.
I’ll persevere to save up PP, as soon as possible that lovestruck option.
…Huh, did it sneakily increase by a digit?


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1. The author is still saying Mama-chin, but I’m not writing it every time.
2. A joke based on penta (as in pentagram) and arou like arrow, as far as I can tell.


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