I reincarnated!

When I noticed, a fluffy feeling wrapped around me.

The world after death, or that kind of thing-.

Or rather, I, was god being tactful just before my death, when I got that super rare hit?

I didn’t have many regrets, I died in a happy mood, I mostly wasn’t evil.

If the meteorite hit my room directly, the trouble of getting rid of the contents of my hard drive would be solved.

At most, A grumble that the top class rare goods, ‘Goddess of Panties’, didn’t come out could be made.

But, it didn’t appear in official documents, its existence was closer to only a rumour then just rare.

An image with mosaics over the name and lower body section was sold online, Even its official name was unknown. With its full name and lower body in mosaic, the type of panties it was was unknown. However, that angel like, or possibly goddess like beautiful girl’s illustration ‘Goddess of Panties’ wanted to be summoned.

The official twitter was asked “is this real?” with a photo attached and “Hmm. Seems like it-” was the vague reply, there wasn’t a clear denial of the false rumours and that caused a fierce fight in the net destitutions.


If, I actually drew it. The truth of the rumours could be checked-.

Now there was no meaning in checking.


How long would the fluffy feeling last?

Or rather, was I metaphorically or physically floating there?

Or rather, was blown by the wind?

Or, what was I supposed to do?

I turned my consciousness, and.

Name: none
Class: Plain Cloth Lv 1
Owner: none

…What strange thing came into my head? It’s status like?

And also, Cloth?

I, did I become a cloth?

Yep, it was a cloth.

Just white cloth. I was made to remember White Briefs!

That, no way it was something like plain cotton..

Funsu, trying with all my power I was unable to move at all.

It seemed that I became a ghost haunting a length of cotton.

A little while ago that status menu like thing that I looked at wrote ‘Plain Cloth’.

…Or rather, how do you cloth?

Something like death and reincarnation? But, it’s just as cloth.

Various things, like a baby reincarnated, with my memories from their past life I’m incredible—–! Or, something like with a cheat power I become All-powerful (THUEEEE)! Or something like that?

…Ah, that’s right.

I, wished on the shooting star for panties. Tehe~.

And so, I’m just plain cloth! I want the person in charge to get out here!

God of transmigration, I’ll kneel down before you so can you do it?

Haa, why is this-.

And, uo.

Though there’s no mouth, as soon as I sigh, my body(?) hits against something.

…Huh, where’d you fly from?”

Ooh, It’s a beautiful girl!

Somehow I hit the face of a lovely girl that was seemingly doing laundry in a river.

Her age, 15 or maybe 16. She was wearing something like an Asian native dress, but she was a western-style beautiful girl. She was a suuuper beautiful girl, who seemed like some would describe her as a princess.

Her voice that I heard seemed to be speaking Japanese, but that clashed with her foreigner appearance. Ai kyant speeek engrish1. Her hair colour was blue, just like an anime character’s.

I mean, huh, by any chance was here not on Earth?

Because I’m a thinking cloth-like existence, there’s magic here, right?

There’s also a status menu like thing, I wonder if it has game like elements?

…There somehow doesn’t seem to be an owner. Because it’s just right, I’ll take it.”

The beautiful girl stared at me and muttered that.


Come to think of it, when I looked at the status like thing a while ago it said no owner, or so it seems.

Something like that, I can understand it-.


Or what is it?

Or, huh, a baby?

When I took a closer look, there was a baby in the small basket near the beautiful girl.

Stark naked. Unlucky. That’s really okay!

The beautiful girl seemed to be washing a diaper somehow or another in the river.

…and, huh?

By any chance.

Err, umm.

When she said just right, possibly.

Not that kind of way!?

≪A forced class change has occurred≫

Plain Cloth Lv1 → Cloth Diaper Lv1≫


I, said I wanted (to be) panties but this!

I said a cute girl’s panties but it turned out like this!

As expected, a baby’s diaper!!!


Don’t ‘tau-‘ me!


Not “ga-” either!


≪Skill proficiency has reached a certain value≫

Waterproof Lv1 acquired≫

Ukyaa-! That kid, immediately did it!


Don’t ‘Kyaakya’ me!

Somehow would have preferred that beautiful girl’s holy water, I haven’t strayed from the path enough to find an infant arousing!

“N-, daa”

≪ Skill proficiency has reached a certain value≫

Dirt Proof Lv1 acquired≫

I don’t want to hear what was there. Have sympathy!

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1. あい きゃんと すぴーく いんぐりっしゅ → I can’t speak English


15 thoughts on “I reincarnated!

  1. ∩―――――∩
    || ヘ_ヘヘ_ヘ♡|
    |ノ^⌒⌒`⊂⌒⌒ \Nepu!!
    ( ノ  ⌒   ⌒\
    \  || ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄||


  2. borf says:

    I did not know anyone had a secret fetish of becoming an underwear. But let be real here, wont it be bad when you start having holes in you then get thrown away?


  3. laharl8080 says:

    Damn.. So close..
    When i thoguh there is beautiful girl i think the dream have start but…
    To thinknto start as diaper…
    Hopefully the baby are princess or heroine and the panty grow with her


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