Damn it, another loss!
I cursed with one hand on a smartphone. Unintentionally, I almost flung the phone against the floor but stopped my hand in a hurry.
I was playing a game called ‘Panty Collection’ or ‘Pancolle

Panty-Girls,nicknamed Pan-Girls, are summoned and grow in a collection of girls, used in a combat formation. Their levels are raised and they can be evolved, with the aim of being the strongest panty force in the game.

…I say that to myself but what’s with that, its a messed up (in the head) kind of game.

All kinds of things are personified and played with in games, but in this one, both allies and enemies are the personification of lower body underwear. It makes you doubt the sanity of the producers of mobile games these days.

What kind of ridiculous brain thought up Panty Collection

Supposing that’s the case, you’d probably ordinarily think of an ero game. I’m a guy, after all, if there’s a collection of illustrations of cute girls’ panties, there’s no way I won’t. Women would be repulsed, as I yell out “Well done” in a loud voice.


I’ll say it again. This, Panty Collection, is a normal game.

In other words, not only panties but men’s underwear were personified, also.

By the way, in that case they’re nicknamed panty-guys or panguys…

“White Breifs, what did my eyes…”

The screen showed, wearing white briefs, a tank top girl-like guy with no woman’s panties to be seen. The hem of the tank top was long, and made it look like a dress, that was strangely cute and also infuriating.

There’s no chest! So cute, damn it!

Trying not to be disappointed, I tapped the illustration and the character’s voice played.

“I’m… a girl-like guy, you know? Is that fine?”

No, it’s really not.

The appearance of a cute girl was in my sight, how lucky the fake goods seemed.

For other people, a girl-like guys were fine if they were moe, but for me, that stopped them from being moe.

 As a premise, to be lucky, I’d say it wasn’t moe.


Any idiot that approves of that is like a beast.


I digress, the girl-like guy, ‘White Briefs’ was at least better than ‘G-String’, the muscular old man that pointed his arse at the screen; who’d play that!? The manly personification of a women’s underwear pose and the feminine personification of men’s underwear; how’d they make that mistake!?

Their heads are too ridiculous.

Well, apart from that.

I let out a sigh when I confirmed the points needed to pull a gacha. The points had decreased by a lot, since it was always just a little tight.

“I’ve used it a lot this month, what should I do…”

I lost my strength due to White Briefs.

My favourite Striped Panty-chan displayed, my strength recovered. Striped Panty twins. No matter what they say, they’re twins. Striped panties horizontal stripes are justice! Objections are not recognised.

 お気に入りの縞ぱんちゃんを表示させて、英気を養う。縞ぱんはツインテだ。誰がなんと言おうとツインテだ。縞ぱんは横縞がジャスティス! 異論は認めない。

“After 2 goes, should I stop using the gacha?”

I at least wanted a girl to appear!

Nation-wide, everyday one hundred thousand people spun the gatcha, but still there was a rumoured existence, that hadn’t been confirmed, said to be called ‘The Goddess of Panties’ that would be such a luxury.

At least ‘Strawberry Panties’-chan, or the erotic ‘low-leg’-chan that I didn’t have.

That’s for sure.

The panty goddess (…is there such a thing?) while mumbling I offered my prayers, and rolled the gacha.

And then.


A different from normal effect rose my expectations. This is, no way, a beyond rare card came out!?


“And still, it’s White Briefs!”

Being displayed was White Briefs, which had become familiar…

Damn, joy turned to hate.

At least it wasn’t ‘Red Briefs’ or ‘Speedos’; I think I might have fallen fairly ill.

“Haa. …Un?”

I noticed something was wrong, as I let out a sigh while trying to delete White Briefs.

There was a red line on the rubber part of the briefs.

“C, could it possibly?”

Timidly, I touched White Briefs on the screen

“I’m, a girl you know… that okay?”

“Ge, Super Rare Get!”

Eei Eei! I really don’t mind!

Was it because there were too many complaints?

Which software update added her, that panty girl. The male underpants that was personified while posing like a girl, it seemed that the dialogue and voice had been changed.


The only visual difference was the red line that made me look, and the setting, it was a girl now. A girl in men’s underwear, it had a feeling of immorality that was very good to imagine. Yep, to the collection.


Appearance wise, I don’t care very much!

It was fine, its official setting was as a girl!

The illustration was considerably popular, after all it was White Briefs!

Hiyaa! So lucky! Although I’m lucky! (so what)

In high spirits, I opened the window and gave a prayer of thanks to the god of panties in the heavens.

God of panties, thank you!

Its all good.

Huh, somehow a response was heard?

Incidentally I looked up, there was a shooting star.

ahh, I want panties! I want panties! I want a cute and beautiful girl’s panties!2

There was a stupid tension from unintentionally wishing on the shooting star.

And also, why was something like a shooting star coming towards here?

Shooting star direct hit.

I, went and died.

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  1. In case it’s lost on you its a parody of Kantai Collection, Kancolle→ Pancolle

  2. This series is based on ‘-naritai’ meaning I want, as in both I want to have and also I want to be.


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    1. Yeah, but the word used was otokonoko, so I prefer to use trap when the author outright says trap. But that’s just my preference, if enough people prefer it I’ll change it


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