Other World Driver – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Otherworld Wolves

Moments after I took my eyes of the lead wolf, two others struck from either side, colliding their heavy paws against both sides of the car. I shut my eyes, fearing the inevitable flying glass shards, and heard the thunderous snap of breaking metal. The sound traveled through the cabin and bounced against my ears, both repeatedly and deafeningly. After a moment of relative silence, that may have simply been damage to my ears, the thunderous sound came again.

Realising that I wasn’t dead, I opened my eyes to see the wolves scratching and clawing helplessly against the side of the car. There was clear damage to their claws and in some cases the claws had cracked right through. On top of that, there wasn’t a single scratch on Betsy’s paint, her dark blue colour still remained seemless against the dirty grey of the wolves. I looked out the back to see the lead wolf scratching at the glass, somehow unable to make even the slightest scuff. I felt strange seeing that; the scary monster, that was more than twice my size, looked just like a puppy trying to get its owner to open the door. Seeing that somewhat adorable sight, my fears started to subside and I started to think things through clearly again.

Somehow, it seemed that Betsy was indestructible. I had no idea how that could be, but it makes about as much sense as it not needing fuel so I’m just going to go with it. The wolves gave up attacking after a few minutes, but remained surrounding me, waiting for me to make a move. I didn’t know if the invincibility would still work if I keyed the ignition, so I just waited there; sooner or later they’d get bored.

SO BORING! I’d had a staring contest with the wolves for the past two hours and they showed no sign of leaving. It would be at least a little more bearable if I had anything to do, but no, the wolves just waited there. I drank the last of my water while I waited, also, so now I really had places to be. In my boredom, I started to stew in anger at those giants. How dare they lie to me and use me as bait. When I find them, I’ll lead a bunch of those night monsters into their camp just to see how they like it.

I also noticed some more strange things about Betsy while I waited. For one thing, the clock seemed to be broken. Well, not broken, just kind of strange. For one thing, each minute seemed to only be about forty-ish seconds long. Also, each hour, as measured by my phone, seemed to be about sixty eight minutes, though the car now said there was 100 minutes in an hour. I imagine the number of hours in a day was also off, but I hadn’t noticed till now, so I couldn’t tell by how much.

Aside from Indestructibility and a broken clock, the push-lighter thing seemed to be working much better than usual. When I pushed it in, it popped out heated in only about a second. On top of that it seemed far hotter than usual. I tried holding it down a second longer and a small flame appeared on its tip then burnt out after again after a few more seconds.

When I had waited two (car) hours I finally lost my patience and decided to test out the limits of both the car and the lighter. I held down the lighter for a (car) minute and when I pulled it out it created a fireball out the size of a tennis ball on its end. Winding down a window slightly, I flicked the fireball at the nearest wolf. Just like I thought (hoped); the fire left the lighter like a bullet and hit the creature in its chest. The heat burnt a hole deep into its body and it hit the ground dead in moments.

Seeing their companion die, and knowing they could do nothing to the car, the rest of the wolves fled in a hurry. I let out a relieved sigh, and started the engine. With that, I now had a weapon, a shield and a mount, all in one car. With that out of the was, I started to follow the obvious tracks of those knights. I don’t know if the lighter would work on them, but I look forward to seeing their wooden armour buring.

After a (car) hour of following their trail, I found them sitting by a river. They seemed to have only just arrived, as they were setting down their equipment and turning of that smoking backpack. They were in no way hurried as they lazily sat on the riverbank unmoving. From where I was watching them, I was unlikely that they could see me, and their own sound had hidden my approach. Now I only had to wait for night to fall, so I could lead monsters into their camp.

While waiting, I ate some more of the leftover pasta and watched the knights. To my surprise, the backs of their armour slid down, making a ramp against the ground, revealing what was inside. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, there were so many strings and cords that filled the black void of the armour. After a few moments of wires separating,the contents started to make sense; it was like a man sized puppet, held in the air by a thousand wires within the knights shell.


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