Survivors of the Wild

After the fall of an empire the survivor are pushed to the brink on a unforgiving new world. In an attempt to get home, a mage connects to an unknown world and invites strangers into the land.

When a mysterious game appears in the games library of people across the world, those who accept the invitation find a world awaiting them. The game seems disjointed, without a common landscape or culture. The truth of the world is lost on the players as they fail to see what is before them.

Those that see the truth are the survivors. Those that escape the wild are the survivors. Those that find Zen are the survivors.


Chapter 1               Chapter 10             Chapter 19

Chapter 2               Chapter 11             Chapter 20

Chapter 3               Chapter 12             Chapter 21

Chapter 4               Chapter 13             Chapter 22

Chapter 5               Chapter 14             Chapter 23

Chapter 6               Chapter 15             Chapter 24

Chapter 7               Chapter 16             Chapter 25

Chapter 8               Chapter 17             Chapter 26

Chapter 9               Chapter 18             Chapter 27


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