Dropping the translation

Good morning,

I know I haven’t been translating it long but I’m dropping the translation project. Feel free to pick it up if you like the series.

The reason I’m dropping it is because my Japanese skills are really not up to the task. As a comedy series, not being able to translate the jokes defeats the point in being translated at all.

Sincerely, SenjiQ

Dropping the translation

Status Update + Rig Chapters 9-16

Good afternoon,

This is mostly just an update about what’s happening on this blog, but also included are chapters 9 to 16 of The Rig Mechanist’s Maintenance Report.

The first thing to note is that I’ve recently been ‘translating’ a works by 三毛猫, and the chapters that have been translated so far can be found here. The translation is low quality and its fairly likely that it’ll update as irregularly as the original works.

The next thing I should mention is that there won’t be a Valentines Day chapter of Sandstorm story this year. I did have one planned out but it simply won’t be finished in time, though I might upload it late eventually. So happy Valentines Day to anyone who happened to be looking forward to that, I guess.

Otherwise, I hope you have a good rest of your day and enjoy whatever it is you’re reading.

Status Update + Rig Chapters 9-16